2017 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box Review – Best 5 Cards

2017 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box

Bowman Chrome Baseball has established itself as one of the more well-known and more sought-after subsets in the baseball card industry. Focusing on the stars of tomorrow, a Bowman Chrome card can often signal a player’s arrival onto the Major League scene, and if that player goes on to be incredibly successful the Bowman Chrome cards will hold significant value, and thus they can make great investments. 

Bowman Chrome 2017 Baseball Hobby Box was offered as an extension to the base Bowman 2017 set and features plenty of different refractors for all the most popular prospects of the time. Bowman Chrome is also known for its autographed cards which can hold significant value for the rookies that go on to have successful careers. 

The set comes with many different color refractors including purple (#/250), blue (#/150), green (#/99), gold (#/50), orange (#/25), red (#/5), and the one of one super refractor. The limited nature of these cards can often make them great investment options and help the cards hold significant value down the line. 

Each box comes with two autographed cards and was released in September of 2017. Each box is broken into two smaller boxes which each contain six-packs for a total of twelve packs. Inside each pack, you will find five cards, and hopefully one of them will be that rookie that you are searching for. 

Best 5 Cards: 


Ronald Acuna Jr. Blue Refractor

Acuna Jr. has been one of the best players in the MLB since he entered the league while not even old enough to order a drink. He won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 2018 as a 20-year-old and he only improved in his second season as he finished fifth in NL MVP voting. 

Collectors will want to have an Acuna Jr. card in their collection as he is still incredibly young and looks to be one of the faces of the league for the foreseeable future. The deadly combination of speed and power that Acuna Jr. possesses is rare to find and help mold Acuna Jr. into the special player that he is. 

This blue refractor card is numbered /150 and shows Acuna Jr. running around the bases. 


Eloy Jimenez Gold Refractor

Jimenez is another player that has been followed closely from the time he was in the minor leagues and in his rookie season he did not disappoint. Traded to the White Sox from the Cubs before he reached the majors, Jimenez is a key part of what looks to be a very bright future for the club. 

As a rookie, Jimenez crushed an impressive 31 home runs as a rookie while driving in 79 runs and hitting for a batting average of .267. 

The golf refractor is limited to just fifty copies and would be a great addition to anyone’s collection as the low production run will help it keep value. If Jimenez can continue to build upon his great rookie season than he will have a chance to be a true legend of the game and this card will be one you are thankful that you have in your collection. 


Cody Bellinger Red Refractor

Cody Bellinger has been a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers for three years now and he made the adjustment to the major leagues look easy. He smashed 39 home runs as a rookie and now after three years has 111 of them. 

Bellinger is one of the league’s best players and is a great investment option for collectors. Who wouldn’t want to own a few copies of a valuable card picturing one of the league’s youngest superstars who likes to destroy balls into the stands? 

The red refractor is limited to only five copies and thus very exclusive and valuable. The value will only continue to climb as Bellinger advances in his career, especially if he can manage to enjoy some team success with the Dodgers. The Dodgers have made multiple World Series’ in recent years, yet they have had trouble with getting over that final test. 

As Bellinger continues to grow as a player, he will be sure to have a large impact on future Dodger playoff runs, and with Los Angeles being the massive market it is, don’t be surprised to see Bellinger as one of the most popular players in the world in a few years. 


Jo Adell Gold Refractor

Adell is a highly rated prospect that was drafted 10th overall by the Los Angeles Angels in the 2017 MLB draft. He is an outfielder who has yet to play in the major leagues but has shown enough in the minor leagues that plenty of hype has been drummed up for his debut. 

The first thing that pops out about Adell’s game when you watch him is his amazing athleticism. On top of his great athletic ability, Adell possesses all five tools and will get the chance to play in the same lineup and learn from the great Mike Trout auto.

Adell could be a great option for investors as he carries more risk than the other names on this list due to the fact that he hasn’t shown the same success at the MLB level. Buy an Adell gold refractor card now and if he manages to perform in the MLB at a similar level to what he has done in the minors than it will pay off in a large way. 


Keston Hiura Red Refractor

Second baseman Keston Hiura made his much-anticipated major league debut in 2019 and it went as well as anyone could have hoped for. He hit 19 home runs and had a .303 batting average in just 84 games for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

The former 9th overall selection in the 2017 draft had been awarded the Most Valuable Player award in the Arizona Fall League and during his first stint in the MLB he showed the skills that led him to that award. 

Hiura would be a great option for investors as he has already shown that he can succeed at the top level. While there are players that have had successful rookie seasons and never been able to replicate them, Hiura looks like a safe bet to have a long, successful career in the majors. 

Holding this Hiura red refractor card could be a great option for investors who believe that Hiura will only build upon his successes so far and continue to develop his game as he matures as a player. His smooth swing will help him put up the gaudy offensive numbers that draw people’s eyes and create media fanfare that will help drive the price of the card up. 


Final Words

The Bowman 2017 Chrome Hobby Box contains rookie cards for some of the most exciting young players in the game today and can be a great option for collectors looking for investment opportunities. The many different refractors add variety to the box as well as keep the different editions limited in quantatity and high in value. 

By looking at the five best cards in the box, the talent that is available is clear. These are the stars of tomorrow and these cards are worth holding onto for the long run. Test your luck with a Bowman Chrome 2017 Hobby Box and you may end up with a card that could become the backbone of your collection for years to come.