Adley Rutschman Rookie Card – Top Cards, Value, and Checklist

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Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value

Adley Rutschman is one of the most highly touted prospects in all of baseball and has the makings of a star for years to come.

He played his college baseball at Oregon State University and his excellent play there earned him many awards and accolades. Among those were the PAC-12 Player of the Year Award in 2019 and the honor of being selected first overall in the 2019 MLB Draft.

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Scouts absolutely love Rutschman’s game as he is extremely polished and mature beyond his years. He is a very strong batter that can hit for power as well as average and complements that batting skill with a strong defense.

Rutschman is expected to make his MLB debut very soon, possibly as soon as this upcoming season, and could be one of the best catchers in the sport from his first game.


Best Adley Rutschman Rookie Cards

There are multiple Adley Rutschman rookie cards and it can be hard for your average investor to know which ones offer the best option.


2019 Adley Rutschman Bowmans Best RC #B19AR

Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value

First up on this list is this card from the Bowman’s Best set.

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It shows Rutschman in the black Orioles jersey and it has an interesting background.

His name is plastered in a banner across the bottom of the card, and above that lies an autograph.

This card is a good option for collectors who want to get in on Rutschman cards but if you’re looking for the absolute best option there is another Bowman card next up that is a better pick.


2019 Adley Rutschman Bowman Chrome Draft RC #BDC1

Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value

Bowman Chrome is the set for baseball rookie cards and with Rutschman it’s no different. This card is the one to own — even considering the fact that there are so many great Rutschman rookie cards — and if you have a chance to get your hands on it you should not pass it up.

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It shows him while he’s mid-swing, ready to crush another ball out of the park.

First Bowman cards are usually strong investments and if Rutschman can experience a fraction of the success expected of him then this card’s price will explode.

The card doesn’t need an autograph or jersey patch to hold value, just the branding is recognizable enough for investors.


2019 Adley Rutschman Panini Contenders Draft Picks Legacy /15 #8

Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value

Take one look at this card and its flashy design jumps out at you right away.

It shows Rutschman in two different poses, one in his catcher gear and one as a batter.

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This card had a very short print run, only 15 copies, and thus is extremely rare. In addition to its short print run, it has an autograph and that combination will always result in high prices.

If you want to go for a very high-end option, this card should be your selection as it ticks many boxes that collectors look for when deciding to purchase a card.


Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value

Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value


Rutschman’s cards are worth a good amount considering the hype, but if he realizes his immense potential then they will skyrocket.

At this moment in time, Rutschman still hasn’t proved anything at the MLB level and until that happens the value of his cards will not be as high as the current stars of the league.


Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Investment Outlook

Because of where Rutschman currently is along his path to MLB superstardom, this is the perfect time to buy in and give yourself the opportunity to take advantage of a meteoric price rise.

Young prospects such as Rutschman offer a larger risk but also a larger return when compared to investing in more established players. However, as far as prospects go, Rutschman is near the top of the list for MLB skills and how easy it is to project the type of player he will be.

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So Rutschman cards can make up a small part of a sports card portfolio where the potential returns would be nice but the potential downside is not devastating to your collection.

As he moves along in his career and reaches new heights, you’re going to want to have invested in Rutschman earlier.


Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Checklist

Adley Rutschman Rookie Card Value


  • 2019 Adley Rutschman Bowman Draft #BDC1
  • 2019 Adley Rutschman Bowman Best #B19AR
  • 2019 Adley Rutschman Panini Prizm #1
  • 2019 Adley Rutschman Bowman Draft Scouts Pick Breakdown #BSB-AR
  • 2019 Adley Rutschman Panini Contenders Draft Picks Legacy #8
  • 2020 Adley Rutschman Bowman 1st Edition RC #BFE-50
  • 2020 Adley Rutschman Bowman Chrome Prospect RC BCP-50


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