Best Alec Bohm Rookie Cards & Values

Alec Bohm is one of the most hyped-up prospects in the entire MLB and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. He’s a third baseman who has experienced success at every level he’s played at, even during the short time he has been in the MLB. Bohm’s best quality is his batting at the plate, and he will look to entrench himself among the best at the plate in the world.

He played his college baseball at Wichita State University, and during his junior season, he was named to the Baseball America first-team All-America team. His sixteen home runs led the American Athletic Conference, displaying some of that power.


His excellent college career made him the third overall selection in the 2018 MLB Draft. Bohm’s rookie cards span from 2018, the year he was drafted, until 2020, when he made his major league debut.


Top Cards

Because of Alec Bohm’s high draft stock, numerous rookie cards made that picture of the young third-basemen. In addition, there are Bohm rookie cards from three different seasons.

It can be tough to figure out the best investment options between all the different cards produced. That’s why we’ve picked the three best Alec Bohm rookie cards to invest in and presented them right here:


2018 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Alec Bohm RC #CDA-AB

Bowman is the brand for MLB rookie cards, and this Alec Bohm rookie card from 2018 checks many boxes in what to look for in a great investment option.

The card has the “1st Bowman” graphic in the upper right corner, a mark that collectors look for when trying to find the best rookie cards. Next is an excellent image of Bohm as he prepares to field any balls heading his way.

The card has many different parallels (which are all listed below), and these come in a variety of different print runs. If you’re looking for a card with more upside potential, choosing one of the rarer editions would be a smart idea.

Parallels: Refractor (/499), Purple (/250), Blue (/150), Blue Wave (/150), Green (/99), Black (/75) (Jumbo), Sparkles (/71), Gold (/50), Gold Wave (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/5), Red Wave (/5), Black Wave (1/1), SuperFractor (1/1), Printing Plates (1/1)


2018 Leaf Trinity Alec Bohm Auto RC

Next up on this list is this card with a prominent autograph that takes up most of the card. This autograph captures the attention of collectors right away and makes for a unique feature that raises the card’s value. The signature is also more expansive than most as it features his draft position.

Bohm is featured on the left side of the card in his batting stance as he gets ready to crush another pitch. The autograph, combined with the fact that it’s a strong rookie card, is another good investment option for those looking to add a Bohm card.


2021 Alec Bohm Topps Rookie #277

Last but not least on this list is another card from Topps. This card has a unique design and a classic at-the-plate look, with Bohm looking to tuck one down the 3 baselines.



Bohm had a strong rookie season, finishing second in NL Rookie of the Year voting, so there is some excitement around his cards and career outlook. Despite this, if Bohm goes on to have the career that we expect of him, his cards will skyrocket in value, and you will regret not getting in at this moment.

The 2018 Bowman Chrome card is the most expensive of all the ones listed. It offers some of the highest potential rewards but also a bit more risk than a lower-price option.


Investment Advice

As mentioned above, Bohm has a strong career ahead of him, and investing now makes sense to take advantage of the huge potential gains. The amount of success he enjoys in his career will determine just how high his prices go and if you believe in Bohm, as we do, then it makes perfect sense to at least get one Bohm card. All three cards listed above offer strong investment options at different price points that can be suitable choices for different levels of investors.



  • 2018 Bowman Draft Gold RC
  • 2018 Bowman Sterling RC #BSAAB
  • 2018 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks RC #CDA-AB
  • 2018 Bowman Chrome Class RC 2018
  • 2018 Leaf Valiant
  • 2018 Leaf Flash Of Brilliance RC #FOB-AB1
  • 2018 Leaf Metal Draft Pink Top Picks
  • 2018 Trinity Auto
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Au
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome RC #CPA-AB
  • 2019 Bowman Sterling Die-Cut Refractor Auto

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