Andrew Luck rookie card

Andrew Luck Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards and Buyers Guide

Andrew Luck rookie card

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Andrew Luck is one of the biggest “What if?” stories in NFL history. Luck played college football at Stanford University, where besides being one of the best players in the country he was also a great student, earning the Academic All American of the Year award in his senior season. 

Heading into the NFL draft, head coaches were salivating at the thought of Luck suiting up for their team. He had the full package and was considered by many to be one of the best prospects in years. 

As a rookie Luck would help the Colts make a complete turnaround, taking them from the basement to the playoffs while being named to the Pro Bowl. In fact, Luck would be named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first three seasons in the NFL, an impressive feat as young quarterbacks can often take some time to adjust to the speed of the professional game. 

Luck would also win the Comeback Player of the Year award in 2018 after he missed 2017 with a shoulder injury. His 2018 season would be his last one in the NFL as he would retire at a young age with many different accolades and records. 


Best Andrew Luck Rookie Cards

Which Andrew Luck rookie card is the best option for investors? With so many made it can be hard to choose from, but we have listed the best three as well as an investment outlook for your reading. 


2012 Andrew Luck Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph #201 (buy on eBay

Andrew Luck Panini Contenders Rookie

This card may be the most recognizable Andrew Luck rookie card that was produced. The card is done very similarly to the original 1998 Rookie Contenders cards, which featured another prominent quarterback that played for the Colts: Peyton Manning

There are two variations of this card and they both feature Luck standing tall in the pocket as he scans the field and looks for an open receiver. The Rookie Ticket subset is one of the more popular ones for collectors of NFL rookies and for Luck it is no different.

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For investors, this card would be a great choice with its prominent autograph and well-recognized subset. For those who are looking to add an Andrew Luck rookie card to their collection, the Rookie Ticket card would be a great option. 


2012 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rookie Card #1 (buy on eBay)

Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rookie Card

This card is a great introduction to Andrew Luck rookie cards for collectors who may not be looking to shell out large amounts of money. The card pictures Luck winding up to throw the ball in the classic blue Colts jerseys. 

Topps Chrome is a very well-known collection in the sports card industry and one that is generally sought after. This Topps Chrome Luck card does come with parallel versions that offer a higher-end card complete with autographs or different finishes. 

Overall, while this card does carry the strong Topps Chrome brand name, it will not offer the same upside potential that a more unique card will and thus is probably not the best option for investors. 

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2012 Andrew Luck Topps Rabbit Foot Variation RC #140B (buy on eBay)

Andrew Luck Topps Rabbit Foot rookie card

This card is a short-run variation of Andrew Luck’s rookie card that was produced by Topps. It features a different image of Luck where he has the ball behind his head during his throwing motion. 

The reason this card is so special is the small rabbit’s foot that has been added around Luck’s waistband. You can see the blue foot, which has a white stripe, that has been added to the left of Luck’s towel onto the card. 

Another unique feature about this card is that the “U” in Luck’s last name has been changed into the horseshoe logo from the Colts. These two features combine to make an otherwise normal-looking card much more unique and help keep the card in higher demand than it would otherwise be. 


Andrew Luck Rookie Card Checklist

Andrew Luck Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2012 Panini Absolute Rookie Card Auto Jersey /299 #203
  • 2012 National Treasures Autograph Rookie Patch #301
  • 2012 Topps Rabbit Foot Variation RC #140B
  • 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Card #1
  • 2012 Topps Five Star Autographed Jersey /50 #170
  • 2012 Contenders Rookie Tickets Rookie Card Auto #201
  • 2012 Panini Prime Signatures RC Auto /149 #241
  • 2012 Topps Valor Rookie Card /70 #10
  • 2012 Crown Royale Autographed Jersey /249 #253
  • 2012 Panini Playbook Autographed Jersey /149 #178
  • 2012 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck RC /462 #1



Andrew Luck Rookie Card Value

Best Value: 2012 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rookie Card #1

Cheapest: 2012 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rookie Card #1

The 2012 Andrew Luck National Treasures Autograph Patch Rookie Card will be the most expensive of his rookie cards but we would avoid it as we feel there are better rookie cards to spend your investment dollars on.


Buyers Guide and Investors Advice 

Andrew Luck’s retirement was one of the more shocking events in recent NFL history and a big eye-opener for many fans to the reality of the brutality of the NFL. While Luck did only play seven seasons, he will be forever remembered as one of the best players to abruptly retire across all sports. 

Luck will serve as a cautionary tale for football players attempting to struggle through injuries and his legacy of preserving his mind and body will be influential in the future direction of the game and the safety of the players. 

Thus, owning a Luck rookie card could be described as owning a rookie card of one of the potentially most influential players in history whose largest contributions to the game may come off the field. Future generations who are more concerned with the health and safety of players may look to Luck as a trend-setter in the area and a quarterback who broke barriers.

Investment Rating Long-Term: 8.4

Investment Rating Short-Term: 5.5

Our Top Pick: 2012 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Rookie Card #1