Top 3 Barry Larkin Rookie Cards

When baseball players from the 1980s and 1990s are brought up, Barry Larkin is always one of the first names mentioned. He was one of the best players of that era and was a person that will always be remembered by fans of the Cincinnati Reds. Larkin played his entire career with the Reds where he became a club legend.

Larkin was a speedy player that was always a threat to steal a base. He used his strong contact skills to get on base and then would race around, outrunning any attempts to gun him down. He won the NL MVP award in 1995 after a season that was filled with statistical achievements.

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In 2012, Larkin was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame as he received 86.4% of the vote.

As far as an investment option, Larkin has the benefit of being so synonymous with the Cincinnati Reds that there will always be demand from that market. That’s a unique feature that not many players can match and is something that collectors should take into account.


Best Barry Larkin Rookie Cards

Because there are so many Barry Larkin rookie cards to choose from, it can be difficult to discern which are the best investment options.


1987 Barry Larkin Topps Tiffany RC #648

Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

First up is this Topps Tiffany card that shows Larkin in his Cincinnati Reds uniform. It has a wood-style background and is from the 1987 Topps Tiffany set. While the base card from the normal 1987 Topps set will have been produced in too high numbers to hold any value, the Tiffany set is a different story.

Topps Tiffany was a higher-class product that was produced in the 1980s and 1990s. These sets are well-sought after due to the lower quantity. For a player like Larkin, many of his rookie cards were overproduced due to the era they were made in and this card avoids that problem.


1987 Barry Larkin Donruss RC #492

Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

Next up on the list is this card from Donruss. It shows Larkin wearing a windbreaker that has the Reds’ colors on it. This makes the image pop out, especially when compared to the darker background.

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This card suffers from the same issue mentioned above related to the quantity. It’s hard for a card to retain any value when the supply far outweighs the demand and unfortunately that is the case with this one. Thus, it’s a subpar option for investors that are looking for a big return on their initial investment.


1986 Barry Larkin Sportflics RC #34

Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

Last but not least, this card is a pre-rookie from the year before Larkin was added into the base sets from the large producers. This is a unique card that was a part of a pre-rookie set made by Sportflics. The set was not available in your average hobby shop and thus the print run was much lower than typical of the time.

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The design on these cards is done in a way that gives them a 3-D feel, something that isn’t usually found on cards from this era. These unique characteristics combine to make a very interesting card that is one of the better investment options of any Larkin rookie card.


Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

This Topps Tiffany rookie card mentioned above has the highest value out of any Barry Larkin rookie card. Topps Tiffany is a well-known brand that investors can have trust in to appreciate over time. When you compare this card to some of the others such as the ones from the major base sets, it’s a no-brainer that the less common option is the better investment.

Thus, picking this 1987 Barry Larkin Topps Tiffany is the highest value option for those that want to get into the Larkin market.


Barry Larkin Rookie Card Investment Outlook

Larkin was one of the best players from his era and is instantly recognizable for anyone that followed the game during those years. His image and staying power will help his cards retain their value and increase over time alongside the sports card market.

On the other hand, Larkin isn’t someone that is going to be someone creating lots of excitement anytime soon. This means that there are unlikely to be any major price jumps, instead, investors should wait for a slower climb.


Barry Larkin Rookie Card Checklist

Barry Larkin Rookie Card Value

  • 1987 Barry Larkin Topps RC #648
  • 1987 Barry Larkin Topps Tiffany RC #648
  • 1987 Barry Larkin Donruss RC #492
  • 1987 Barry Larkin Fleer RC #204
  • 1986 Barry Larkin Sportflics RC #34

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