Best Conor McGregor UFC Trading Cards (Top Investment)

Best Conor McGregor UFC Trading Cards (Top Investment)

The Notorious’ Conor McGregor’s stock may have fallen ever so slightly following a couple of losses to Dustin Poirier. Still, there’s no denying the impact that he’s had on MMA over the last decade.  The first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously, he’s still the biggest name in the sport by a wide margin, and could yet fight for a title once more.

Best Conor McGregor UFC Trading Cards (Top Investment)

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Here’s a rundown with five of the best Conor McGregor rookie cards, as well as an investment outlook. 

Top 5 Conor McGregor Rookie Cards

McGregor joined the UFC in 2013 with an eight-fight winning streak during which he won both the CWFC Featherweight and Lightweight championships. 2013 also happens to be the year in which Topps produced their first UFC-branded McGregor cards, the majority of which are found in Bloodlines. 


2013 Conor McGregor Topps UFC Bloodlines RC #139

The base McGregor card from 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines is incredibly popular. This is partly due to scarcity, as there were only 20 base cards per box, and a checklist of over 150 fighters. (Be wary of picking up a box solely to look for McGregor rookies.)

The fighter was up against Marcus Brimage in his UFC debut, and the action shot shows McGregor ready to tee off.  Along with the base card, numbered parallels include an Irish Flag background limited to 188 copies. 

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Base Parallels: Flag (/188), Black (/88), Ruby Red (/8), Platinum (1/1)


2013 Conor McGregor Topps UFC Bloodlines Fighter Auto RC #FA-CM

Take the card seen above, add a signature, and you’ll have one of the finest McGregor collectibles that money can buy. The Fighter Autographs subset is reasonably self-explanatory. However, one thing to note is the auto itself. 

Either McGregor has completely changed his signature over the last decade, or he’s gotten lazy over the years. 

In any case, the signatures on this card resemble his name, rather than the few random lines and squiggles found on modern signed McGregor merch. The Red Ink parallel also contains his nickname, ‘The Notorious’, found above the auto.

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Auto Parallels: Red Ink Nickname (/15), Ruby Red (/8), Platinum (1/1)


2013 Conor McGregor Topps UFC Bloodlines Octagon Coins #OC-CM #/108

Given out at a rate of one per box, Octagon Coins have original coins embedded in the cards that showcase where the fighter comes from. 

In this case, it has a Celtic design to match the Ireland theme. 

Each card is numbered and there are 25 in the set. Only 108 copies of McGregor’s Octagon Coin were produced by Topps, so it’s one of the rarest early collectibles to feature the fighter. As with the others, there’s a rarer parallel in the form of a Gold coin, limited to 25 copies. 

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Coin Parallels: Gold (/25)


2013 Conor McGregor Topps UFC Bloodlines RC #BL-CM 


This insert is another from the Bloodlines collection, showing off a lean McGregor before he was inked with his famous chest tattoo. (Bloodlines is the name of the insert, as well as the name of the set.)

In many ways, the front looks more like the average reverse, but it’s meant to mimic the style of a passport.  

It’s also pretty text-heavy, with a large paragraph explaining how he made it to the UFC

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Parallels: Black (/88), Ruby Red (/8), Platinum (1/1)


2014 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs Conor McGregor #KA-CM #/149

2014 was another good year for McGregor collectibles, especially if you’re looking at the Topps UFC Knockout set. There are various signed options that are extremely valuable at higher grades

The base autograph is limited to 149 copies and features an action shot of McGregor in his win over future Featherweight champ Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26. 

The signature is large and takes up a large section at the bottom. 

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs Parallels: Gold (/219), Green (/99), Red (/8), Mat Stock (1/1), Printing Plates (1/1)


Conor McGregor UFC Cards Investment Outlook

McGregor has seen the highest highs but has also suffered recent lows. 

Some fighters retire undefeated, but time waits for no man. It’s common to see favorites lose a step, and notch a string of L’s towards the end of their run. (This is especially true in the UFC, where legends will often be thrown to young lions.)

There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s a fact of life. 

However, McGregor has tarnished his legacy, be it by punching old men who refuse to drink Proper 12 or taking aim at Khabib Nurmagomedov’s deceased father.  

Then there’s the manner of his latest loss in the trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier. Forget the death threats he made to Poirier and his wife as he lay there on the floor, with his foot mangled. 

There’s also the surgery he needed to repair fractures of his tibia and fibula, which is likely to leave him on crutches for at least six weeks. 

Will he be able to return from such a devastating injury, or will the downward spiral continue?

One thing to consider before rushing out to buy McGregor RCs is that he’s unpredictable. Who’s to say what he’ll do in the next decade? The investment could be up in smoke, or he could win another belt depending on the opponent. 

In any case, he’s guaranteed a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame

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