Best 7 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards Of All-Time (Superior Guide)

Best 7 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards Of All-Time

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. He took the NCAA championship league by surprise after making a game-winning shot for North Carolina.

He has numerous silverware to his name and his legacy is still on. Plenty of Michael Jordan rookie cards in the market continue spiking up in value.

In the basketball community, Michael Jordan is the most sought-after name. Here are his seven best basketball cards:


1.1986 FLEER Michael Jordan Rookie Card #57

This rookie card is one of the most critical cards for collectors because it’s regarded to be his true rookie card.

It’s only comparable to a Mickie mantle rookie in popularity in the ranks of newer and basketball ball cards.

It’s worth noting that this rookie card and all of Jordan‘s rookie cards face quality issues.


2. 2003 UD Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Patch Autograph (one of the most valuable Michael Jordan cards)

The 2003 UD rookie card is Jordan’s highest-selling card. It has a patch of a jersey that Michael wore in an actual NBA game. At the bottom of the card or right-hand side, there is a blue colored autograph displayed.

Also, there are only a hundred of these cards available, and Lebron James‘ rookie card is a key card in the group.


3. 1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems

This rookie card has become a favorite for collectors amidst all sports cards. It’s by far, one of the most sought-after basketball cards for Michael Jordan.

Its green parallel insert is the rarest in the set which contains ten copies of each player. The rookie card is very hard to find due to the few print runs and it’s unique foil design.


4. 1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems #23(

Only a hundred total copies of these cards exist per player. The first ten cards are green and the last 90 are red. Due to their scarcity and old nature, the green parallel is seldom seen while the red parallels for Jordan rarely surface.

These cards are vulnerable to damage because of their delicate foil fronts.


5. 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Game Used Jersey Autograph

1998 upper deck card is among the best of Jordan rookie cards. Its popular because of its eye-catching design and a signature with a game-used jersey.

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They are scarce; there are only 23 of them, all of which Jordan autographed.


6. 1997 SkyBox EX2001 Jambalaya Michael Jordan Basketball Card

Jambalaya inserts are a set of rookie cards that celebrate the highest dunkers in the league featuring a playful take on the name of a Cayon dish. While this card was one of the most cherished cards due to the essential credentials parallels alone, it’s very rare.


7. 1988 FLEER Sticker Michael Jordan Basketball Card #7

This is a must-have rookie card for any Jordan lover card collector printed in patriotic red, blue, and white.

The card contains an action shot of Michael Jordan at its center. It also includes Jordan’s highlights at the back.

This rookie card is a green mint 10 copy selling far more than a mint 9 copy.


Micahel Jordan Basketball Card: Bottom Line

All of the above MJ Basketball Cards make for superior investments and if you don’t have one consider buying one ASAP.


How much is a Michael Jordan basketball card worth?

A Michael Jordan basketball card worth is based on a variety of factors such as year printed, which company produced the card, rarity, and grade (i.e. PSA 10

What is the rarest Michael Jordan basketball card?

The rarest Michael Jordan basketball card is the 1988 Fleer Sticker but this card is not the most valuable.

What is the most valuable Michael Jordan Basketball Card?

The most valuable Michael Jordan card is the 1997-98 SP Michael Jordan Authentic Sign of the Times Stars and Rookies.

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