Ultimte Zach Lavine Rookie Card Guide (Top Cards and Buy Rating)

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Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Zach Lavine has been on a few different teams so far throughout his career and has shown an ability to score the ball at every stop he’s been at. He played his college basketball at UCLA before being drafted into the NBA.

He’s one of the best dunkers the league has ever seen and his dunk contest in 2016 against Aaron Gordon was one of the most entertaining in NBA history.

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However, Lavine is more than just a dunker and as he has refined his offensive game he has become a devastating scorer at all three levels.

It was in Minnesota where Lavine started his career and so that is where his rookie cards picture him from. Since then he has bounced around a couple of different markets, but it’s Minnesota that will always be remembered as the place where he started his career.

Top Three Zach Lavine Rookie Cards

Since there are so many Zach Lavine rookie cards, we’ve made your job a little easier and listed out three of the best investment options.


2014-15 Panini Prizm Zach Lavine Rookie Card #262

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Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Panini Prizm is one of the top sets for basketball rookie cards and thus the Lavine edition was for sure going to make this list. This card shows Lavine with the ball in his hands as he scans the floor, examining his options.

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He’s wearing the blue Timberwolves jersey and the card has the Prizm badge in the top right corner. Panini Prizm always has plenty of different variations that are of different values but even a base card is a solid option.



2014-15 Panini Prestige Zach Lavine RC /199 #172

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Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Next up is another card from Panini, the Panini Prestige Zach Lavine. This card is great because it has an awesome photo of Lavine in mid-air, ready to throw down one of his signature dunks.

He is pulling the ball between his legs as he explodes towards the rim, ready to throw the ball down with some force.

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The card was limited to a print run of only 199 copies which helps keep the quantity low and the value high. The combination of the short print run and the excellent photo means that this Lavine card is a solid choice for investors looking to get a Lavine card.


2014-15 Panini Totally Certified Zach Lavine Rookie Roll Call Auto RC #143

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Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Last but not least, this Lavine card shows the young star in the white Timberwolves jersey. In the top portion of the card, there is a photo of Lavine holding the ball.

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Below that there’s an autograph from Lavine. This is a feature that collectors of all levels look for when examining a card and it will make this card more attractive. Because of that, this is yet another good option for investors.


Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

Out of all the Zach Lavine rookie cards mentioned in this article, it’s this one pictured above that has the highest value. The on-card autograph definitely helps the price stay high on this card.

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The Panini Prizm option listed above also has many different parallels that are of varying print runs. Going after one of the versions with a small print run can be a good idea if you’re looking for some of the more valuable Zach Lavine rookie cards.


Zach Lavine Rookie Card Investment Outlook

Lavine has always been a strong player but has had bad luck playing on weak teams. He has continued to show improvements in his game and has started to rack up more individual awards such as being named an all-star.

He still has a long way to go in his NBA career and if you believe that Lavine can start to add some team success to his individual talent, then it’s a no-brainer that he would make a good investment option. This is because Lavine already has the skill to be seen as a true superstar, now he just needs a few victories.

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If it all comes together for the young star then you can be sure that the value of his cards is going to shoot up and investors will be left with a larger return on investment.


Zach Lavine Rookie Card Checklist

Zach Lavine Rookie Card Value

  • 2014-15 Panini Prizm Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 Court Kings Remarkable Rookies Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 NBA Hoops Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 Panini Prestige Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 Panini Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 Panini Excalibur Fresh Faces Zach Lavine Rookie Card
  • 2014-15 Donruss Zach Lavine Rookie Card

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