Zion Williamson Rookie Card – Best 5 Cards, Checklist, and Investment Report

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Zion Williamson Rookie Card

Zion Williamson was drafted with the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Pelicans. and his rookie cards have been on fire ever since.

Even missing the first half of the season due to injury didn’t slow down Zion rookie cards as they continually top the eBay most bid charts.

Zion aka Zanos was born on July 6, 2000, and attended Duke University under Mike Krzyzewski.

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He only played one year as it was almost a slam dunk that he would be drafted with the 1st pick and he had no reason to play another year at Duke and risk injury. Zion Williamson rookie cards are more popular than hotcakes at the moment but are a high-risk investment in our opinion due to injury risk.

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Having said that it is probably a good idea to own at least a couple of his rookie cards. Here are the best Zion Williamson rookie cards for investment purposes…


Top Zion Williamson Rookie Cards

Here are some of the better Zion RC you will want to add to your investment portfolio.


2019 Zion Williamson Panini Prizm Rookie Card #248

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Zion Williamson Prizm Rookie Card

The Prizm rookie cards are the standard for a moderate-risk investor.

They are extremely popular and are available in a variety of beautiful parallels.

The 2019 Zion Prizm rookie card is numbered #248 and reads “Following in the footsteps Art Heyman (1963), Elton Brand (1999) and Kyrie Irving (2011), Willamson became the fourth player from Duke to be taken first in the NBA Draft in 2019. And if you believe the hype he could be the best. Winning the NCAA Player of the Year Award as a freshman is just the beginning“.

Our favorite version of the Zion Prizm rookie card is the Blue Ice.

We own around a dozen different Zion Prizm rookie cards and are always looking to add more when the price is right!

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2019 Zion Williamson Donruss Optic Rookie Card #158

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Zion Williamson Donruss Optic

The Zion Optic rookie card is numbered #158 and shows Williamson holding the rock in what appears to be an off the court photo.

These cards will also come in the form of a redemption card…. more on this card later.


2019 Zion Williamson Panini Donruss Rookie Card #201

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Zion Williams Donruss Gold Press Proof Rookie

We love the rated rookie Zion rookie card as it screams old school with that classic “rated rookie” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the card.


2019 Zion Williamson Prizm Gold Contenders Auto Rookie Card #108

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Zion Williamson Gold Prizm

This is one of our favorite Zion rookie cards to date and most expensive.

It is a beautiful autograph card and is numbered #108.

The only problem is it will cost more than most monthly mortgage payments! 😉

If you can afford this card it is an excellent buy for those who think Zion is for real and can avoid nagging injuries throughout his career.


2019 Zion Williamson Panini Contenders RC #108

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zion williamson cracked ice

Cracked Ice cards are some of our favorite looking cards in the game and this Zion rookie card is no exception.

Numbered #108 the card shows Zion with the rock and has the classic cracked ice look with his autograph.. a super nice card that shows up in our dreams a few times per month.


2019 Zion Williamson National Treasures RPA RC #108

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Zion Williamson National Treasures rookie card

WHOA! This is one of the most expensive cards sold in 2019 and is a true show-stopper! This bad boy sold for a mind-blowing $77k on eBay back in July of 2020… and the funny thing is it would probably sell for over $100k now!

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Numbered #108 the 2019 Zion Williamson Panini National Treasures Stars and Stripes RC shows BIG BOY ZION shooting a lazy jumper for what we can only assume is a swoosh!


2019 Zion Williamson Panini Prizm Fast Break RC #248

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Zion Williamson Panini Prizm Fast Break rookie card

The Panini Fast Break cards are no joke and are gorgeous looking (especially some of the higher-end ones).

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Here are the Panini Fast Break Parallels: Silver, Blue #/85, Purple #/50, Pink #/20, Gold #/10, Black 1/1… if you can get your hands on a Pink or Gold you are doing very well in life 🙂


Best Zion Williamson Rookie Card?

best zion williamson rookie card

A few notes… this card is available in a variety of parallels… this is not based on which card sold for the most or which card is most popular…  it is based on ROI.

It would be easy to list a variety of cards to be “the best” and it wouldn’t be wrong to do so as Zion rookie cards are great investments right now… BUT… if we had a pistol to our head and had to pick just one…

In terms of return on investment, we would pick… The 2019 Zion Williamson Donruss Optic Rookie Card #158!

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No auto? No patch? How in the world is this card number one your asking?

Well, we love this card for a variety of reasons…

  1. Photo: The image of Zion holding the basketball like it is his world speaks volumes about his life, where he came from, and where he is going… you can literally see it in his eyes… its a piece of art not a rookie card.
  2. Rated Rookie Donruss: This holds a lot of weight with us as like most collectors we fondly look back on these “Rated Rookie” cards as better days gone past when the air was hot, the water was cold, and the gum was stale.
  3. Availability and Price: We didn’t want to list a card that our loyal readers had little or no chance of ever adding to their collection. The 2019 Panini Donruss Optic Zion Williamson rookie card is available in a variety of parallels and prices… you can literally spend a few hundred or a few thousand… this means the average joe can afford one but it also means the CEO on Wall Street can drop his daily salary on it as well 🙂

If you have any questions about the value of buying this card PLEASE do not hesitate to email us at questions@rookiecardramblings.com.


Best Zion Williamson Rookie Card Autograph Cards

zion williamson rookie card autograph

Zion rookie card prices are already out of this world. When you add an autograph to the mix be prepared for the value of the card to really take off!

Here are some of the better Zion Williamson Autograph cards for your investment portfolio.


2019 Zion Williamson National Treasures Collegiate College Autograph #81

zion williamson autograph rookie card

A somewhat affordable option for collectors who have a medium-size to large bankroll.


2019-20 Select Black Finite Zion Williamson RPA RC Nike Tag Patch AUTO 1/1 #RJA-ZWL

zion williamson nike rookie card auto

Good luck on getting your hands on this bad boy but if you do please email us or DM us a pic on our FB Page (Rookie Card Ramblings on Facebook).


2019 Zion Willaimson Panini Prizm Cracked Ice Autograph #RPZWL

Zion Williamson Prizm Cracked Ice Autograph


Panini Prizm basketball cards are one of the best sets out there in the first place… but when you add cracked ice with an auto you have a magical card that most collectors only dream about.

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We have made a couple on cracked ice Zion Williamson Prizm Autograph Rookie Cards but have come up short both time. Some day with a little luck and prayer we hope to win one!


2019 Panini Contenders Zion Williamson Ball/Front Autograph #108

zion williamson contenders auto rookie card

Another high-end Zion autograph card that will cost you an arm and a leg 🙂


Zion Williamson Rookie Card Checklist

zion williamson nba rookie card

  • 2019-20 Panini Prizm Zion Williamson RC #248
  • 2019-20 Panini Contenders Draft Picks RC Autograph #51
  • 2019-20 Hoops Rookie Card #258
  • 2019-20 Donruss Zion Williamson RC #201
  • 2019-20 Certified Zion Williamson Rookie Card #151
  • 2019-20 Panini Origins RC #15
  • 2019-20 Panini Crown Royale Rookie Kaboom #18
  • 2019-20 Absolute Memorabilia RC #16
  • 2019-20 Panini Contenders Zion Williamson RC Autograph #108
  • 2019-20 Zion Williamson Select Black Finite  RPA RC Nike Tag Patch #RJA-ZWL
  • 2019-20 Donruss Optic gold fast-break Prizm Rookie Card
  • 2019-20 Zion Williamson Prizm Rookie Signatures #ZWL
  • 2019-20 Panini Mosaic Peacock Prizm RC #209


Zion Williamson National Treasures NBA Logoman $500,000 Bounty

Zion Williamson National Treasures NBA Logoman

Blowout Cards has offered to pay a $500,000 bounty for the “Logoman” version of Williamson’s Rookie Patch Autograph, which is currently hiding somewhere in one of the thousands of hobby boxes across the world, according to Panini America Vice President of Marketing Jason Howarth.

Want a shot at nabbing the Zion Logoman? Buy a 2019 National Treasures Basketball Hobby Box on eBay!



Zion Williamson Rookie Card: Investment Rating and Advice

Investment Rating: 8.4 out of 10

Best Zion Williamson Rookie Card: 2019 Donruss Optic Rookie Card #158

Rookie Card Ramblings Ownership: None

We would be very selective in regards to which Zion rookie cards we are buying as the market is currently flooded with them.

For high-end collectors, we would focus on autograph cards (with a patch if possible). For collectors with a moderate bankroll, we would focus on Zion Williamson Prizm Rookie Cards.

Zion rookie cards should be one of the best investments in the hobby in terms of ROI for the next 2 years.


Zion Williamson Rookie Card Values

Zion Williamson Rookie Card Values

Zion RCs can starts as low as $50 and go well over $10k at high grades (these are usually rare auto/patch cards).

The average value of Zion rookie cards based on the last 40 sales at eBay auctions is $2829.29.

The exact amount of any Zion RC is very hard to calculate and will be based on a variety of factors to include card grade and how Zion is playing at any week/month in time.

If you would like us to provide an estimated value of any of your Zion rookie cards please email us pictures of the card to worth@rookiecardramblings.com.