Curt Schilling Rookie Card – Top Cards, Value, Checklist

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Curt Schilling Rookie Cards

Curt Schilling is one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history and was known for his ability to play his best when it counted most.

He made his MLB debut in 1988 for the Baltimore Orioles and then enjoyed a long and successful career until he pitched last in 2007 for the Boston Red Sox.

He will always be remembered for his willpower and intense mental strength as he often lasted long into ballgames, performing well at a point where other pitchers would have quit.

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Perhaps the greatest and most well-known example of his toughness and resilience is his performance in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. The Red Sox were looking to end their World Series drought and were fighting back against the Yankees after New York had taken a 3-0 series lead.

With the blood visibly leaking from his foot, Schilling pitched a great game that kept the dream alive, and eventually the Red Sox when all the way to the World Series title.

Top Three Curt Schilling Rookie Cards

Curt Schilling has many different rookie cards, including a few from his minor league days, and it can be tricky to know which are the best investment options. That’s why we’ve selected three which stand out above the rest.


1989 Curt Schilling Donruss RC #635

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Curt Schilling Rookie Card Value

The 1989 Donruss set is famous for all the amazing rookie cards it contained and this is just one more example.

This card shows Shilling in the Orioles white jerseys with a serious look on his face.

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Unfortunately for Shilling fans, his rookie season coincided with the “Junk Wax” era and thus many of his cards were overproduced and don’t carry a ton of value today.

Ungraded versions of this card can be found for quite cheap, and even strong graded editions are relatively affordable.

Still, this card is the defacto Schilling rookie and carries some hype because of that.


1986 Curt Schilling ProCards Elmira Pioneers RC

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best Curt Schilling rookie card

This card was made before Schilling ever touched a Major League mound, back when he was still working his way up the ranks.

The advantage of these minor league cards is the fact that they were produced in lower numbers, thus not suffering as much from the era of overproduction that they were made in.

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This one features Schilling from when he was playing in the New York-Penn League for the Elmira Pioneers.


1987 Curt Schilling ProCards Greensboro Hornets RC #1705

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Curt Schilling Rookie Card Value

Last but not least on this list is this Curt Schilling minor league card from his days in Greensboro.

Greensboro has seen many amazing players pass through their system and Curt Schilling spent some time there as well.

This card shows him in the green jerseys and a smile on his face.

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Similar to the card listed above, it’s a minor league card and thus the quantity is lower compared to some of the Major League offerings. This does good things for the card’s value.

The back of this card is misprinted and has Tom Kane’s information on that side. This adds a unique feature to the card that investors will like to collect and thus makes this more attractive compared to other similar cards.


Curt Schilling Rookie Card Value

Curt Schilling Rookie Card Value

While Schilling has gotten close to being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, he has always come up just short and only has one more shot at it. If he did get voted in then his cards should receive a nice boost alongside that accolade.

Schilling will be remembered for his insane mental strength and that image of the 2004 ALCS will not soon be forgotten.

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Overall, Schilling’s cards were made during the era of overproduction but by choosing one of the three listed above you ensure that you’re getting a premium product.


Curt Schilling Rookie Card Investment Outlook

As mentioned above, Schilling making or missing the National Baseball Hall of Fame could majorly influence the future of the prices of his cards.

Still, we think that the combination of Schilling’s legacy and recognition of his cards make his items a good investment.

There are different cards at different price points so every level of investor has an option to get in on the action and scoop up some Schilling cards as an investment.

Out of all the options, buying one of the three mentioned above would be smart for your sports card portfolio.


Curt Schilling Rookie Card Checklist

Curt Schilling Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1989 Donruss Curt Schilling RC #635
  • 1990 Bowman Curt Schilling RC #246
  • 1990 Fleer-Update Curt Schilling #U-68
  • 1990 O-Pee-Chee Curt Schilling #97
  • 1987 ProCards Greensboro Curt Schilling (Tom Kane Back) #1705
  • 1986 ProCards Elmira Pioneers Curt Schilling
  • 1990 Score Curt Schilling #581
  • 1990 Score Rising Stars Curt Schilling #94
  • 1990 Sportflics Curt Schilling #133

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