The 5 Greatest David Justice Rookie Cards and Values

David Justice was one of the MLB’s most feared batters during the 1990s and 2000s. He entered the league by announcing his presence in a big way by winning the 1990 National League Rookie of the Year Award.

He built up a large off-field brand through an outsized personality. The fact that he played for so many different teams also didn’t hurt as he bounced around the league, getting introduced to new fanbases regularly.

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While Justice was named to the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame, he will not be going to Cooperstown as during his first appearance on the ballot in 2008, he received only one vote, disqualifying him from future ballots.

Justice is a good investment option due to his big brand and the nostalgia he evokes for a generation of baseball fans. If you’re looking for all the information you could possibly need on the subject of David Justice rookie cards, you’re in the right place.

Top Rookie Cards

If you’re looking at adding a David Justice rookie card to your collection, you’re going to want to make sure you pick one that fits your goals. No matter what price range you want to buy at, there is a card for you that fits that initial investment and will appreciate in value over time.


1990 Donruss RC #704

David Justice Rookie Card Value

To start this list, we have a David Justice rookie card from Donruss. It has a classic 90s baseball card look with the red border and a photo of Justice with his arms crossed.

The colors stand out on this card as there is a nice contrast between the dark blue jersey and the red border. In addition, the red Braves logo matches the red of the border.

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This card is a good option for those that are looking for a basic Justice rookie card, but it’s unlikely to see massive gains as there are no unique features. Overall, a good option for those that are looking for a lower entry point.


1990 Fleer RC #588

Next up on the list is a similar card to the Donruss, but this one comes from Fleer.  It has an all-white border around an image of Justice with a bat slung over his shoulder. Justice’s hat breaks through the edge of the border, adding a bit of design to the card.

Similar to the Donruss card mentioned above, there isn’t a super high ceiling for this card’s price. However, it doesn’t require a crazy upfront investment, and thus for those that are looking for a reasonable entry into David Justice rookie cards, it’s a legitimate option.


1991 Topps Desert Shield RC #329

Lastly, this Justice rookie card offers something different from the other two mentioned above. This card comes from the Topps “Desert Shield” set given to troops stationed overseas. Thus, these cards are precious as there are not that many left in good condition.

These cards were never offered to your average collectors or placed in retail stores. This rarity has made them a collectors’ item that many are after. That’s no different from this David Justice card that shows the outfielder with a smile on his face.

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The limited quantity is the differentiating factor with this card, and it’s something that keeps the price high. This card will require a higher upfront investment, but it will also appreciate higher prices if Justice cards do become more sought-after.


David Justice Rookie Card Values

Out of all the David Justice rookie cards, this Desert Shield card from the 1991 Topps set has the highest value. The value increases exponentially as the grade increases because of how rare these cards are in good condition.

These cards are also a common target of counterfeiters. Before buying the David Justice Desert Shield card, make sure it’s authentic. An excellent way to not worry about this issue is to buy an already-graded card version.


Investment Outlook

For those that believe in Justice’s ability to stick around in baseball lore and that his name will continue to be recognized, investing in his rookie cards is a wise financial decision. They’re not super expensive right now and offer investors a chance to get them at a reasonable price.

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For those that want the possible gains, picking a more expensive card is a good strategy. Thus investors should take a long look at the Desert Shield Justice rookie card if they can get their hands on it.



  • 1990 Fleer RC
  • 1990 Donruss RC
  • 1991 Topps David Justice Desert Shield Rookie Card
  • 1990 Leaf RC
  • 1990 Upper Deck RC
  • 1990 Score RC

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