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Ja Morant Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Checklist, and Buyers Guide




One of the best young talents in the league and ready to take the next step in 2022. Buy, buy, and BUY some more of Ja.

Ja Morant Rookie Card

Ja Morant attended college at Murray State University and was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies with the 2nd pick of the 2019 NBA Draft.

His first year has been everything the so-called experts predicted and more… he was averaging 17.6 points per game to go along with 6.9 assists before the season was put on hold due to COVID-19.

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His rookie of the year crown looked all but a given until Zion came back from injury and went to town on everyone in the league… still most NBA pundits predict Morant to take home rookie of the year honors.

Best Ja Morant Rookie Cards

Here are the top-rated Ja Morant rookie cards as rated by Rookie Card Ramblings… if you have any questions about his rookie cards and which ones to invest in please email us at and we will be happy to help with any sports card auction questions.


2019 Ja Morant National Treasures RPA RC #118

(Shop on eBay)

ja morant national treasure rookie card

A big boy card for big boy pocketbooks.

The 2019 Ja Morant National Treasure rookie card will not come cheap… in fact, it will not come even close to a reasonable price lol… you will need to fork over the cost of a new Lexus in order to get your hands on this sick honey pot.

The card shows Ja taking a standard jumper… nice patch, nice auto… epic card.


2019 Ja Morant Panini Prizm RC #249

(Shop on eBay)

ja morant prizm rookie card

Here is the best bang for your buck.

The 2019 Panini Prizm Ja Morant rookie card is your best bet for those who are looking for a GREAT ROI without having to spend a ton of coin.

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The card shows Morant show-boating with a classic between the legs dribble… one of the best long-term buys in the basketball card hobby.


2019 Ja Morant Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket #118

(Shop on eBay)

ja morant trading cards

Another super high-end Morant rookie card that won’t set you back as much as the National Treasures card but will still cost a boatload of cash.

The card shows Morant with the rock in his right hand staring off into the distance like the playboy he is… cheers!


2019 Ja Morant Donruss Optic Rated Rookie #168

(Shop on eBay)

ja morant rated rookie card

The Ja Morant Rated Rookie Card Optic rivals his Panini Prizm rookie card as the ideal option for mid-level collectors who are not in the position to spend thousands of dollars on a basketball card.

Please note this card has some high-end parallels that will break the bank however if that is your bag.

Parallels: Holo, Checkerboard, Hyper Pink, Purple, Purple Shock, White Sparkle, Orange /199, Lime Green /149, Red /99, Blue /59, Purple Stars FOTL /29, Pink /25, Gold /10, Lucky Envelopes /8, Green /5, Black 1/1, Gold Vinyl 1/1

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2019 Ja Morant Panini Crown Royale KABOOM! RC #18

(Shop on eBay)

ja morant rookie card crown royale

There is just something we love about this new KABOOM! rookie cards and the Ja Morant is no different.

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The 2019 Ja Morant KABOOM! rookie card shows Ja in the process of slamming home a dunk of epic magnitude… a beaut of a card Clark… a beaut that we wish we owned.


Ja Morant Rookie Card Value

Ja Morant Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Morant rookie card is the National Treasures card #118. A sick-looking card with a sick-looking price.

The most common Ja RC up for auction on eBay is his 2019 Panini Silver Prizm Rookie Card #249.

Both of the cards above should explode in 2021 if he can follow up his freshman season with an even better sophomore one (which is extremely likely barring an injury).


Ja Morant Rookie Card Checklist

Ja Morant Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2019 Panini Prizm Ja Morant RC #249
  • 2019 National Treasures Ja Morant RC #118
  • 2019 Panini Contenders Ja Morant RC #118
  • 2019 Donruss Optic Ja Morant RC #168
  • 2019 Panini Crown Royale KABOOM! Ja Morant RC #18
  • 2019 Panini National Convention VIP Ja Morant RC #92
  • 2019 Panini Origins Ja Morant RC #70
  • 2019 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Ja Morant RC #82
  • 2019 Panini NBA Hoops Ja Morant RC #297
  • 2019 Panini Contenders Lottery Ticket Ja Morant RC #2
  • 2019 Panini Mosaic Ja Morant RC #219
  • 2019 Panini Prizm Draft Ja Morant RC #65
  • 2019 Panini Select Ja Morant RC #120
  • 2019 Panini Donruss Net Marvels Ja Morant RC #9
  • 2019 Panini NBA Sticker & Card Collection Ja Morant RC #82
  • 2019 Panini Certified Ja Morant RC #152


Ja Morant Rookie Card: Buyers Guide and Investment Advice

In 59 games Ja Morant showed why the Memphis Grizzlies drafted him with the 2nd overall pick… not only can he shoot the rock but he has the uncanny ability to find the open man for a quick score.

Investment Rating: 9.2 out of 10

Card Ownership: One (1) Panini Prizm

Our Top Pick: We like the high-end Prizm rookie cards moving forward as the top ROI earner… in particular the 2019 Ja Morant Panini Prizm Choice Tiger Stripe Prizm RC #249 is the card dreams are made of… DRIP.

Best Card for Smaller Bankrolls: Those in the hobby looking to invest but not spend thousands of dollars should consider the Donruss Optic base Morant rookie card… good looking card that should have a very nice ROI moving forward.

Morant should make an excellent long-term investment over the next 10 years.

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