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Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card – Top Card and #1 Buyers Guide



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Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card

Jasson Dominguez aka “The Martian” is a superstar prospect for the New York Yankees and is the talk of the town at only age 17.

Bio – DOB: February 7, 2003 – Birthplace: Esperanza, Dominican Republic – Bats/Throws: S/R Ht: 5′ 10″ Wt: 190

He is being billed as can’t miss all-star for the Bronx Bombers and some of his most valuable rookie cards are already going for $19,000.

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Dominguez has a shorter, muscular build that combines power, speed, and arm strength.

The Yankees signed him for 5.1 million dollars which tied the Oakland Athletics for the most money spent on anyone 2019-20 international signing (the Athletics signed international shortstop Robert Puason).

Experts close to the game project Dominguez along the same path as Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Wander Franco.

Top 3 Jasson Dominguez Rookie Cards

Here are the top 3 Jasson Dominguez rookie cards released to date and we will update the list below as more of his rookie cards become available.


2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP8 (buy on eBay)

Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Bowman


The 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Prospects is not only the best current Dominguez rookie card but it will be for the long term as well.

Baseball rookie cards are currently dominated by Bowman Chrome Prospects and Topps Update cards.

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Numbered #BCP8 the card shows a babyface, somewhat chubby looking Dominguez standing with the bat in his right hand.



2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman 1st Edition Bowman Card (buy on eBay)

Jasson Dominguez Bowman 1st Edition rookie card

Please note the 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman 1st Edition is the same card as it was just released for a limited time and rarer, hence the higher value.

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BUY this card as you would the 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospect as long as you have the pocketbook for it.


2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 Rookie Card #BTP-53

Jasson Dominguez rookie card ebay

Our third and final card on the list is a… drum roll, please… BOWMAN!

The 2020 Dominguez Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 card is a decent buy for now but will be replaced on this list as better Dominguez rookie cards are printed.


Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Checklist

Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2019 Elite Extra Edition
  • 2019 Elite Extra Edition Autograph Patch
  • 2019 Prizm Draft Picks Autograph Rookie Card
  • 2019 Leaf Crystal
  • 2019 Leaf HYPE
  • 2019 Leaf News Flash
  • 2019 Leaf Metal
  • 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Paper Prospects #BP8
  • 2020 Bowman Spanning The Globe Refractor York Yankees
  • 2020 Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 Rookie
  • 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospects
  • 2020 Bowman 1st Edition
  • 2020 Panini Select Phenoms Insert
  • 2020 Bowman Sterling Speckle Refractor Auto /99


Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Value

Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Jasson Dominguez rookie cards will be the Bowman Chrome refractors… these bad boys are selling for a mind-boggling amount right now… some 20k or more!

Top 5 Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card Sold:

  1. 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Red Shimmer /5: sold for $19,200 on 6/17/2020
  2. Jasson Dominguez BGS 9.5/10 AUTO 2020 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor /25: sold for $17,495 on 6/20/20
  3. 2020 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor Jasson Dominguez RC Rookie AUTO /25: sold for $16,2000 on 6/7/2020
  4. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jasson Dominguez Auto Orange Refractor 5/25 BGS 9.5 Gem Mint for $14,000 on 8/2/2020
  5. 2019 Panini Prizm Draft Picks WHITE SPARKLE Autograph Auto SP/5 for $5,999 on 8/6/2020


Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card: Buyers Guide and Investment Advice

best Jasson Dominguez Rookie Card

Investment Rating: 9.1 out of 10

Card Ownership: Thirteen (13) 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospect

Best Jasson Dominguez RC: 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP8

This kid obviously has a ton of upside and is worth buying on that alone.

Here is a common strategy we use in regards to rookie cards and phenom players… buy buy buy… then sell 75% of the cards going into the call-up season… that way if he is a bust you still profit and have 25% of the collection available (we did this with Zion and are doing the same with Jasson and Wander Franco Rookie Cards)… CHEERS!


Is Jasson Dominguez in Topps Chrome?

No, Jasson Dominguez is not in Topps Chrome as of yet.

Will Jasson Dominguez be in 2020 Bowman?

Yes, Jasson Dominguez is in 2020 Bowman.

What is the best Jasson Dominguez rookie card?

The best Jasson Dominguez rookie card is his 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome RC.

What is the most valuable Jasson Dominguez rookie card?

The most valuable Jasson Dominguez rookie card is his 2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Gold Shimmer Auto.

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