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Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards and Buyers Guide



Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Card

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Kristaps Porzingis (08/02/95) is a power forward/center who has been with the Dallas Mavericks since 2019. Originally a first pick in the 2015 Draft (4th overall) for the New York Knicks, he was their star player until issues with the owners caused him to be traded away. 

The fact that he’s 7’3″ makes him a clear danger, as he has the agility to go with a frame which allows him to bypass many defenders. Porzingis joined the Mavericks the season after making his first-ever All-Star appearance.

Here’s a rundown with three of the best Kristaps Porzingis rookie cards on the market, with a couple of signed player patches and a heap of parallels to look out for. 

Top Three Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Cards

Porzingis has a range of solid rookie options from 2015-16 sets. We’ve combed through recent auction data to bring you a list with three of the top Porzingis RCs right now. 


2015 Kristaps Porzingis Panini Immaculate Collection RC Autograph Jersey /99 #135 (buy on eBay)

Kristaps Porzingis Panini Immaculate

The 2015-16 Immaculate Porzingis rookie card is one of the best that money can buy, with a sleek design and a tiny print run. The background is white with gold trim, there’s a deep blue that runs through the middle of the card, complimenting Porzingis’ Knicks jersey.

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There are an on-card auto and a player patch which always helps to drive additional interest, and the serial number can be found on the front of the card, underneath the Immaculate Collection logo. You’ll also be able to find a handful of rare parallels that are exceedingly expensive.

Parallels: Red (/25), Jersey Number (/6)


2015 Kristaps Porzingis Panini Prizm Rookie Card #348 (buy on eBay)

Kristaps Porzingis rookie card

Part of the ever-popular Panini Prizm set, the base card is a great option if you’re looking for a low-budget investment piece. Favoring a metallic style background and a chromium finish, the action shot features Porzingis with the ball in both hands. The player comes out of the card ever so slightly, and there’s a prominent RC logo. There’s also a heap of parallels, which we’ll list below. 

Porzingis has a rookie autograph in the set (#98), which tends to be more affordable than many of his other signed options. It comes with its own range of parallels, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for the best investment options.

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Base Parallels: Silver Prizms, White Prizms, Red/White/Blue Prizms, Green Prizms, Flash Prizms, Orange Wave Prizms, Ruby Wave Prizms (/350), Light Blue Prizms (/199), Purple Prizms (/99), Orange Prizms (/65), Mojo Prizms (/25), Gold Prizms (/10), Black Prizms (1/1), White Sparkle Prizms (SSP)


2015 Kristaps Porzingis Panini National Treasures RC Autograph Jersey /99 #104 (buy on eBay)

Kristaps Porzingis National Treasures rookie card

A similar card in many respects to the Immaculate option, Porzingis’ 2015-16 National Treasures also features a large on-card auto and a generous-sized player patch which takes up the majority of the space. It has a landscape design, with an image of Porzingis with a basketball held aloft in his hands.

What it comes down to is how much stock you put into the NT brand, which is often preferred by many patch collectors. The card is notably more expensive than the Immaculate version when looking at similar grades, and it also comes with four rare parallels.

Parallels: Silver (/25), Gold (/10), Emerald (/5), Platinum (1/1)


Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Card Checklist

Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Card checklist

  • 2015 Panini Prizms RC #348
  • 2015 Panini National Treasures RC #104
  • 2015 Panini Immaculate Collection RC #135
  • 2015 Donruss RC #239
  • 2015 Panini Absolute RC /99 #198
  • 2015 Panini Limited RC #177
  • 2015 Panini Court Kings RC #113
  • 2015 Panini Black Gold Autograph Jersey RC /199 #5
  • 2015 Panini Spectra RC Autograph Jersey #105
  • 2015 Panini Clear Vision RC #116
  • 2015 Panini Revolution RC #133
  • 2015 Panini NBA Hoops Rookie Card #261
  • 2015 Panini Excalibur RC
  • 2015 Panini Complete RC #319
  • 2015 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Auto #167
  • 2015 Panini Excalibur RC #187
  • 2015 Panini Flawless /20 Diamond #139
  • 2015 Panini Gala /8 RC #136
  • 2015 Panini Luxe RC #LX-KPZ
  • 2015 Panini Prestige RC #209
  • 2015 Panini Replay RC #4


Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Porzingius rookie cards will be the National Treasures followed by a high-end Prizm parallel (i.e. Orange Prizms, Black Prizm).

If you have a Kristaps Porzingis basketball card and would like an estimated value please email us at or hit us up on the Rookie Card Ramblings Contact Us Page or the Rookie Card Ramblings Facebook Page.


Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Our Top Pick: 2015 Panini Prizm Rookie Card #348

Best Card Moderate Bankrolls: 2015 Panini Prizm Rookie Card #348

Our Card Ownership: None

Porzingis has the tools to become one of the best players in the league, and it’s rumored that he finally lost patience with the Knicks after the franchise couldn’t put a stop to their persistent losses and poor form. 

One All-Star appearance is some indication of what a motivated Porzingis can do, while a better supporting cast should help him to realize his true potential as he begins to hit his prime years. 

His rookie cards aren’t the most expensive by any means unless you’re looking at gem mint copies of the best player patches that money can buy. The Knicks are already beginning to rue the day they let Porzingis slip through their fingers, and it would be a shame if the same were to happen to you when you check out his rookie card prices in the next few years.

He’s far more talented than your average giant, even if his height is the first thing that makes you take notice. Much will depend on the next few years, and how he deals with the added pressure of being a big fish in a large pond. Being teamed up with the likes of Luka Doncic should help to bring his numbers up, and the Mavs are clearly more dangerous with the addition of Porzingis. 

A run at the playoffs beckons in 2020, as long as Porzingis and Doncic are able to remain fit enough to lead the charge.

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