Ultimate LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Guide and Checklist (Best 5 Cards)

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

LaMelo Ball, the youngest brother of the famous Ball brothers, has arrived on the NBA scene and he has made quite the impact through his first few games.

He was projected to be an electric passer but it’s been everything else that has impressed fans and coaches alike. He’s shown the ability to score the ball as well as impressive rebounding skills for his height and position.

Ball has changed the outlook for the Hornet’s franchise and even earned some praise from Michael Jordan. Moving forward, Ball will look to continue to get comfortable in the league as he tries to start to push for some individual hardware.

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Ball’s combination of skill on the court and media hype off of it make him an attractive investment option for those interested. As he potentially matures into one of the league’s biggest superstars, his massive following will be looking to purchase those exclusive rookie cards.


Top-Rated LaMelo Ball Rookie Cards

With all the LaMelo Ball rookie cards made it can be hard to know which ones are the best investment option. We’ve outlined six of your best choices that appeal to all different levels of collectors.


2020 Lamelo Ball NBA Hoops RC #223

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

First up is this card which shows LaMelo with the ball in one hand as he poses for a photo. It’s a relatively basic card with a clean-cut design and the rookie card badge in the top-right corner.

The card uses the Hornets’ color scheme well and overall is a solid option for investors who are looking to get in but lacks some of the unique features the higher-end options will have.


2020 Lamelo Ball Donruss Rated Rookie RC #202

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Next, we have this card made by Donruss. It shows LaMelo with the ball in his hands and he’s wearing the darker Hornets’ jersey.

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The card has the Rated Rookie graphic in the top left corner in the Hornets’ color scheme. Overall, it’s a solid design and not a bad option for those looking to invest.


2020 Lamelo Ball NBA Hoops Arriving Now RC

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

This card has one of the more interesting designs of any of the list. It’s from the Arriving Now subset and has those words listed in white on the bottom of the card, next to the NBA Hoops logo.

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The blue on the card stands out and the design placed behind Ball makes him look like he’s levitating. Another good option for investors who want a Ball rookie card with an interesting design.


2020 LaMelo Ball Panini Prizm Downtown RC #D2

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

This card has a very interesting design and is from the Panini Prizm Downtown subset which is quite popular with collectors.

It shows a few different animals behind the image of Ball and has the Downtown road sign in the top-right corner. Ball is considered an international player as that is what is listed below his name.

Another good option with an interesting design that is sure to catch the eye of many collectors.


2020 Lamelo Ball Certified Freshman Fabric RC #38

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One of the higher-end options available to collectors, this LaMelo Ball Freshman Fabric card is currently only available as a redemption card right now, which means a placeholder has been put in packs.

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The Freshman Fabric subset is one that is well known and carries cards for a lot of the signature rookies. This LaMelo card is a great option for those looking for an option that is a bit more luxurious and has a higher price ceiling.


2020 LaMelo Ball Panini Flawless RPA RC #84

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Panini Flawless is one of the luxurious sets around and a favorite among high-end collectors. The cards arrive in a briefcase and the briefcase only contains a few cards.

If you’re looking to shell out some major cash for a LaMelo card, this is your best bet as it has the jersey patch as well as the autograph on top of the Panini Flawless branding. Overall, an amazing card that will act as a grail for many collectors.


Other LaMelo Ball RCs

These are some of the earlier of his rookie cards and are not really worth buying in terms of ROI. Sure they will go up but not nearly as much per year as the ones we mentioned above.

Ball is one of the rare players who played overseas at a young age and thus has some early rookie cards from a few years before his NBA days. Here are the top options from that time period.


2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Metal Prizm Prized RC #PR18-12

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

First up is this LaMelo card which has one of the more interesting backgrounds and designs of any card on this list. This one pictured above has a blue background but there were other ones available in green and pink as well.

It has a large banner across the bottom of the card with the words Prized Rookie and below that is his name. Overall, this is an attractive-looking card that is an interesting buy if you’re looking for a LaMelo card from his Chino Hills days.


2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Metal Draft Autograph RC #BK-LMB

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Next up is this card which has the added benefit of an autograph placed just under the photo of Ball.

The addition of the autograph makes it a slightly more attractive option than the other early rookie cards displayed on this list. The autographed cards were also limited to a shorter print run, adding to the exclusivity of the card.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a LaMelo rookie card that has a few unique features and really want it to be a card from the early years, this could be the one for you.


2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Best of Basketball RC #BB-11

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LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Last but not least is this card which shows LaMelo with the ball in his hands. He’s wearing the white Chino Hills jersey and the card has an interesting design with a basketball court in the background.

As far as early LaMelo rookie cards go, this card is a solid option as it’s one of the better designs of the available choices.


Most Valuable LaMelo Ball Rookie Card

LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Out of all the LaMelo Ball rookie cards available, it’s this 2020 Panini Flawless LaMelo Ball Platinum RPA RC Rookie Patch Auto 1/1 that is the most valuable. It has the most expensive sale of any Ball rookie card and is a very special card.

It’s one-of-one and has an autograph as well as a jersey patch on the right side of the card. The left side shows Ball dribbling the ball up the court, ready to get the offense going.

If you’re looking for an ultra-high luxury option, this is as good as it gets.


LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Buyers Guide and Rating

Ball is one of the most exciting young players in the entire NBA and looks to be an All-Star for years to come. As he goes along his NBA journey and reaches various milestones and accolades throughout his career, the value of his cards should skyrocket and investors will be made happy.

As mentioned above, Ball has a huge fanbase that follows his every move. This will result in higher prices for his cards, especially if he can play at an elite level and experience some success.

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He has many cards at different price points for all levels of collectors. If you’re looking to make the highest returns, the higher-end cards with autographs or jersey patches are the best bets.


LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Checklist

LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value


  • 2020 Panini Prizm DP Auto Rookie Card #PALB
  • 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Red White Blue Rookie Card #3
  • 2020 Panini Prizm DP Choice Blue Yellow Green #3
  • 2020 National Treasures Collegiate Rookie Card
  • 2020 Flawless Collegiate RPA RC Rookie Patch Auto #114
  • 2020 Contenders Draft Picks 2020 Draft Class Rookie Card
  • 2020 Panini Auto Draft Graffiti X Rookie Mirror
  • 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Wave Prizm Rookie Card #98
  • 2020 Prizm Draft Picks Downtown Rookie Card #DP
  • 2020 Contenders Draft Picks Prospect Tiket Autograph #54
  • 2020 Panini Prizm DP Silver #3

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