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Michael Jordan Rookie Cards vs. LeBron James Rookie Cards (Who Are Best and Guide)



Here is an argument that may never have a winner and will always be based on if you’re a Jordan FANBOY vs a LeBron James rookie card FANOY but was are here to give or take (for better or worse).

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Let me start by saying that we feel both are outstanding players and are #1, #2 in the all-time rankings of best NBA players… in other words, you can’t go wrong owning either of their rookie cards (although Zion Williamson may be better than both of them… combined!).

Michael Jordan Rookie Card

First, let’s go over the best Michael Jordan rookie card in our opinion.

The 1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls RC Rookie Card is by far his most coveted rookie card and with good reason.

It was his first true rookie card and it shows Jordan dunking the ball over his opponent.

The card is made by Fleer and has doubled in value in the last year or so alone (for high grades i.e. PSA 10)… this is a true beast of a card.


LeBron James Rookie Card

Now onto James. Our pick for the best Lebron James rookie card is the 2003-04 Topps Chrome Lebron James rookie card #111.

This card has exploded in recent months and is currently selling at around all-time highs. The card shows Lebron taking a fadeaway jumper in what we can easily assume will be a swoosh.

It should be noted James is much skinnier in the photo and has a full head of hair.

Jordan vs James Rookie Cards

By just a razors edge we give the win to the 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card.

We feel Jordan will be judged to be the better player over timer when it all shakes out and LeBron has been known to be a not so great teammate at times (some say he is even a cry baby if he doesn’t get his way). PLUS we don’t have much respect for a guy who goes on national TV to tell his hometown fans he is leaving them for Miami, FL.


We recommend buying Jordan rookie cards over LeBron for the long term.


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Card of the Month

We feel right now is the perfect time to buy Luka Doncic rookie cards. The Mavericks are out of the playoffs and the spotlight is not shinning on the kid for once. Luka current rookie card prices are most likely the lowest we will ever see them again making it the best time to invest in Luka! We particularly love his Panini Opulence and Panini Prizm rookie cards.

Luka Doncic Rookie Card

The above card is the legendary 2018 Luka Doncic Panini Opulence RPA RC /10… some other blogs have called it the best investment on the planet… we hesitate to go that far BUT would do a lot of things to own that bad boy!

Shop for professionally graded Luka Doncic rookie cards on eBay now!