Most Valuable Aaron Rodgers Football Cards (Top-Rated Investments)

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Most Valuable Aaron Rodgers Football Cards

Aaron Rodgers (12/02/83) has been the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback since 2008, winning Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 as he was named as the MVP.

He’s played in eight Pro Bowls, holds a number of NFL records, and he is signed through the 2023 season when he will turn 40 in December.

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We’ve come up with a list containing the most expensive Aaron Rodgers football cards you’ll find on the market, as he aims for another Super Bowl victory before he calls time on his career.

Most Expensive Aaron Rodgers Football Cards

Rodgers has a long list of rookie cards, which were released in 2005. In fact, there are over 40 choices, so it’s easy for collectors to get slightly overwhelmed. Then there are the various others that have come out over the past 15 years, adding to the mix. 


2005 Aaron Rodgers Upper Deck SPx SPXCITING Rookie Card #223 (buy on eBay)

2005 Aaron Rodgers Upper Deck SPx

We’ll start with a beautiful premium card, released in Rodgers’ rookie year. The 2005 SPx ‘SPXCITING’ card might have a cringy name, but they’ve taken time to ensure that it’s one of his most valuable options overall. Instead of the base version, which is blue and numbered to 250, we’re looking at the gold Spectrum parallel.

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It has a landscape design, allowing for a small image of Rodgers on the left. There’s a stickered auto-added above, and the right-hand side is dedicated to a large white patch. The card has gold chrome trim, and it’s numbered to just 25 copies. 


2005 Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome Refractor RC #190 (buy on eBay)

2005 Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome Refractor

The 2005 Topps Chrome Refractor is next up, as a premium parallel compared to the base version. Specifically, we’re looking at the Gold Retro Rookie Refractors card, which is numbered to 50 copies overall. 

A rare parallel from a popular rookie set, it has a thick border, and celebrates the ‘Topps Football 50th Anniversary’. It features a large image of a young-looking Rodgers in his Packers gear, as he prepares to throw a football.

Parallels: Refractor, Black Refractor, Red X-Fractor, Gold SuperFractor, Printing Plate


2005 Aaron Rodgers Contenders Rookie Ticket #101 (buy on eBay)

2005 Aaron Rodgers Contenders Rookie Ticket

With a print run of 530, it’s not like the 2005 Contenders Aaron Rodgers Rookie Ticket is especially scarce compared to the other cards on the list. However, it’s still incredibly popular with collectors thanks to a strong black and yellow design, as well as the addition of a stickered auto found at the bottom.

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In the present day, it’s one of his most popular cards and a must-have for any Packers fan.


2005 Aaron Rodgers SP Authentic Autographed Jersey /99 RC #252 (buy on eBay)

2005 Aaron Rodgers SP Authentic

Another premium rookie release from 2005, the SP Authentic is by far his most expensive card overall. It has an understated design, with an on-card autograph which is boosted by a small relic swatch. Rodgers is pictured in the top right corner as he prepares to throw, and the card has a green finish that mixes well with the patch.

It was seen as his most pricey option when it first released, and the same is still true today.


2017 Aaron Rodgers Panini Prizm RC #1 (buy on eBay)

2017 Aaron Rodgers Panini Prizm

Moving on from the RCs, of which there are too many to count, we’re looking at the 2017 Panini Prizm range. Rodgers is the first name to make the list, featuring an action shot of the QB with a football clutched in both hands.

As a Prizm card, it comes with a unique border design that changes each year, and it’s complemented by a vast range of serial numbered parallels that increase the value drastically. Of course, this means that the most expensive options are the Gold cards or the rare one-of-one version. It’s a great choice if you want a card from Rodgers’ later years. 

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Parallels: Prizm, Blue, Disco, Green, Pink, Red, Red/White/Blue, Orange (/275), Light Blue (/199), Blue Wave (/149), Green Scope (/99), Purple Crystals (/75), Red Power (/49), Camo (/25), White Sparkle (/20), Gold (/10), Bronze Stars (/6), Gold Vinyl (/5), Black Finite (1/1)


The Most Expensive Aaron Rodgers Football Cards: Summary 

The most expensive Aaron Rodgers cards are invariably going to be some of his more popular RCs. They were released in the mid-2000s, when rare parallels were beginning to be perfected, leading to high prices in the present day. 

He’s a World Series MVP so it’s no real surprise, while he’s stayed with one team for his entire career. That sort of dedication goes both ways, making his cards a must-have for any serious Packers collector.

Later editions such as the Prizm do show promise and have already begun to creep up in price in just a few years. It’s worth monitoring the situation if you’re looking for potential investment pieces.