Wander Franco Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards and #1 Buyers Guide

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Wander Franco Rookie Card

Wander Franco rookie cards are all the hype in the baseball card colletors world right now… think of him as the Zion Williamson of the MLB.

The only question is Zion actually is living up to his unreal expectations… can Wander do the same?

Wander Samuel Franco was signed by the Tamba Bay Rays and is the MLBs number one prospect regardless of which source you’re looking at.

It is not uncommon to read predictions of stardom, glamour, and glory… even the most skeptical of baseball rookie card fans are getting on board the Wander train… as we don’t blame them when you look at his minor league numbers at such a young age.

His lifetime minor league slash line to date is .336 avg, 20 homers, 22 stolen bases, and a mind-blowing 110 RBIs topped off with a sparkling .928 OPS (in 175 games).

So yes we are buying Wander Franco rookie card and buying into the hype head first.

Best Wander Franco Rookie Cards

Here are the best Wander rookie cards from a pure ROI play.


2019 Wander Franco Bowman Chrome Prospects #100 (buy on eBay)

best wander franco rookie cards

The best option for long and short term investors… will only be rivaled by a Topps rookie card upon release.

2019 Wander Franco Bowman Chrome Parallels: Refractor – #/499 Purple – #/250 Blue – #/150 Green – #/99 Green Shimmer – #/99 Gold – #/50 Gold Shimmer – #/50 Orange – #/25 Orange Shimmer – #/25 Red Shimmer – #/10 Red – #/5 Black Shimmer – #/5 SuperFractor – 1/1


2019 Wander Franco Bowman Sterling Auto #WF (buy on eBay)

wander franco rookie card autographed

Bowman Sterling rookie cards are a great option for collectors looking to spend a little less money.

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2019 Wander Franco Bowman Chrome Draft Sapphire BDC-93 (buy on eBay)

wander franco rookie card 2020

A card almost worth buying on beauty alone… actually cancel that it is worth buying on beauty alone 🙂


Wander Franco Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome
  • 2019 Panini Elite Extra Edition Prospect Materials
  • 2019 Topps Pro Debut
  • 2019 Topps On Demand 1955 Bowman
  • 2019 Bowman Platinum Wal-Mart Top Prospects
  • 2019 Bowman Platinum Wal-Mart Prismatic Prodigies
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Stat Tracker
  • 2019 Bowman Platinum
  • 2019 Bowman 30th Anniversary Chrome
  • 2019 Bowman Sterling
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Mega Box


Buyers Guide

Investment Rating: 9.1 out of 10

We Own: Three (3) Bowman Chrome PSA 10

Our Top Pick: Wander Franco 2019 Bowman Chrome Speckle Auto… this card is a thing of beauty.


Wander Franco Rookie Card Value

Assuming all grades are equal…

Best Value: 2019 Bowman Chrome

Cheapest: 2019 Bowman Sterling

The most expensive Wander Franco rookie card is without a doubt the 2019 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto (i.e. Red Shimmer Refractor, Orange Refractor).